Mer om ArcticZymes
Bolagstyp:   Growth Hackor & Spadar
Sektor:   Biotech

Initial take: ArcticZymes

Publicerad 2022.05.19

While the exact science of the products ArcticZymes (AZT) produces might not be in some investors' circle of competence at first glance, the business model and competitive advantages of the company are more understandable than one would expect. Companies like Givaudan and CHR Hansen are good examples of what producing a key ingredient in a larger, more valuable process can do for investors. I believe AZT possesses similar qualities and combines them with the advantages of being a key supplier in the Life Sciences industry. In addition to this, AZT profits from a fast-growing end-market where they are well-positioned to retain a large portion of the value they create.

With this write-up, I will attempt to describe the company, its products, and prospects in a way generalists will understand.