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Initial take: Audientes

Publicerad 2022.10.07

Audientes A/S is a Danish technology company specializing in smart, self-fitting and affordable hearing aids. Audientes’ product portfolio currently consists of two products – Ven and Companion. Ven is available for purchase in the Indian market, both online and in retail distributors, and will be introduced in the US and to other markets in the coming years.

Audientes’ mission is to help the approximately 500 million people globally suffering from disabling hearing loss who either cannot afford to buy one of the very expensive hearing aids on the market, or who do not currently have access to a solution to their hearing loss.

Given the strong management, that the first data points after entering commercial phase look promising and a very large market to penetrate, we have a positive view on the company as an investment case.

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Peter Westberg

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